Welcome to Hacking.town!

A network of selfhosted free and open source software,
hosted by Nayla.

Our Services

Git Server

A quietly hosted, but publicly available git server, powered by Forgejo.

Chat Network

A simple but awesome matrix chat network, publically accessible with our custom Cinni chat client fork.

Email Server

A easy to use email client using the amazing hacking.town domain, powered by Roundcube

Password Manager

A secure but private password manager, powered by Padloc.

Bookmarks Manager

A easy to use, bookmarks manager powered by Linkwarden.


What could this be. The world may never know.


Nayla Hanegan


“Unlock the power of freedom with hacking.town! Whether you are a multi-billion dollar person or a small independent creator, our services are crafted to be intuitive and user-friendly, ensuring everyone—regardless of technical skill can experience the true liberty of open-source solutions. Empower yourself today with tools that are as free as they are easy to use.”


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  • Git Server
  • Chat Network
  • Email Server
  • Password Manager
  • Bookmarks Manager
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